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When it comes to launching your sophisticated new Workday financial management system, you don’t want to mess around. While software has everything you need to supplant that tired, dated, and disconnected legacy system your organization has always used, Workday’s implementations are not universal. You need a launch partner who will get the most out of your system for your business and your employees.

Here’s what you need to know about implementing Workday Financial Management.

The problem
Your aging financial system is at its wit’s end, with these inefficient processes. It doesn’t help you anymore. In fact, it hinders your business growth. The usability is awkward and the agility is a bad joke. To do better in terms of profits and to drive strategy, you need a financial management system based on reality: our increasingly digital world.

And you need a consultant to help you do it all.

What does Workday Financials offer?
In essence, Workday’s financial management can:

  • Streamline your accounts.
  • Speed ​​up your financial, planning and accounting operations. It’s a transformation, really.
  • Make the most of financial operating expenses.
  • Allow faster end-of-period closings.
  • Using one system, provides financial reporting, forecasting and planning.
  • Provide real-time management and financial reports and key performance indicators.

What about Mercer?
Good question. You would be wise to go with this consultant for Financial management of the working day implementation because the company has over a decade of experience in deploying Workday and examining each company’s needs holistically and with the people – your people – at the center.

Overall, Mercer can lower your operating costs, increase your value-to-investment ratio, and achieve the goals of stakeholders and leaders.

How can Mercer specifically help you?
To drive change and improve results, Mercer provides:

  • A complete fusion of functional, process and solution prowess.
  • New proprietary tools that facilitate deployment processes, including testing, data migration, and change management toolkits.
  • Personal attention that aligns with your organization and its goals.
  • Industry expertise and focus on customer success.

What does Mercer have on other consultants?
Because he knows everything about finance, accounting and Workday functions, Mercer can help you navigate what might otherwise be a heavy deployment, with all the steps that go with such a sophisticated company. In no time, you’ll have the financial information and real-time data you need to make smart decisions quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look. Some of the benefits of working with Mercer include:

  • To live. As they say, Mercer knows what he’s talking about. With its in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting, the company knows how to implement the deployment on time and on budget. Period. And that’s without counting extensive experience with a multitude of industries, including technical, financial and healthcare services.
  • Speed ​​and agility. If you choose Mercer, you will be able to implement Mercer faster and at less cost than choosing another consultant. To support your launch, Mercer has powerful tools and methodologies, including integration catalogs, data conversion tools, and report catalogs.
  • Global connections. Mercer has certified the types of Workday Financial Management around the world to help you stay the course. Even though this is a large company, Mercer prides itself on its personal touch.

Now you know that when it comes to implementing Workday Financial Management, you need a partner who knows the ins and outs of the system to help you navigate and achieve the cloud-based financial transformation that your business wants and needs. With its tools and deployment experience, Mercer can help you get it right – the first time. The last thing you want is the redeployment nightmare. Don’t let this happen to you.

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