Nickle Lake Regional Park in Strong Financial Position


Park board to focus efforts on building new central facility ‘as soon as possible’

WEYBURN – Nickle Lake Regional Park is in a financially positive position after 2021, with details being revealed at their annual meeting held Wednesday evening at Knox Hall, hosted by Board Chairman Doug Lumb.

Improvements are underway at the park this year, with the construction of a new workshop, and plans are being finalized for a new central building that will house restrooms and a restaurant. The new workshop should be completed within a month or two.

Warden Norm McFadden of the RM of Weyburn presented a donation of $50,000 to the park council and noted that this was part of the RM’s commitment of $50,000 per year over the next 10 years for the park .

“I’ve told people who have questioned the MR commitment that for some people it’s their vacation, going to Nickle Lake. Let’s do what we can to give them the best childhood memories,” McFadden said in an interview, adding that Weyburn Regional Park and Golf Course are recreational facilities for many RM residents, and “c is a benefit for everyone”.

Last year had several successful events, such as the Canada Day Bike Parade, the Karissa Hoffart Concert and the Halloween Costume Contest, park manager Sandra Petrescue said in her report. .

“After a long year of restrictions, everyone was ready to enjoy the park and be outside and socialize,” she said. “2021 still had some challenges including extreme weather, drought, increased visitors and some infrastructure struggling to keep up.”

Campers have been surveyed on what they would like to see more of or what improvements could be made, and a few events are planned for 2022.

Planned summer events include Canada Day celebrations on July 1 and 2, including a smoke-free barbecue contest, entertainment, beer gardens and a car show; Nickle Lake Days on July 30, with entertainment and a beer garden; Halloween in the Park will return on August 13, and Karissa Hoffart will perform another cabaret-style concert, with Justin LaBrash, on September 3.

In the financial report, presented by Brittany Kerr of Grant Thornton, the park saw an increase in revenue of $170,000, primarily due to camping fees over a full summer, and net income of $182,000 over the year. , with an expense reduction of $20,000. With the expansion of new campsites completed the previous year, most expenses came from maintenance and repairs. The park also has $105,000 cash in the bank.

The main project the council is preparing for is the new building that will house the toilets and a restaurant under one roof, which will be built on Cugnet Drive.

Past President Terry Benning noted that the current toilets are “end of life” and need to be replaced.

“We want to go to this new building. We want to combine the toilets and put them in one installation. This is what we are working towards at the moment,” he said, noting that they want to finalize the plans for this building and “start building it as soon as possible.”

He later added that if they could have other commitments from the City or other RMs, they could go to the bank with the commitments, and with the healthy bank balance, ask how much funding they could get for the construction of the new facility. .

“It will be tough, but that’s our plan,” Benning said.

When asked if there would be more campsites, he said there were more and noted that the most expensive part had already been installed, namely the lift station of 50 amp and sewage disposal, which can accommodate more sites.

Nickle Lake Council is made up of Kirk Dammann, Trevor Jensen and John Corrigan from the Town of Weyburn, Terry Benning and Dan Cugnet from the Rural Municipality of Weyburn; Wayne Vilcu, Rural Municipality of Griffin; Chris Douglas, Rural Municipality of Wellington; Don Pineo of the RM of Lomond; Carrie Nankivell, slow pitch representative; and Doyle Larson, social events representative.

The park is supported by the Town of Weyburn and the Rural Municipalities of Weyburn, Wellington, Griffin and Lomond.

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