Scale with your financial management software


Many businesses use basic accounting software when the operation is small and easy to manage. However, as the business grows, it generates more data and the processes become more complex.

Finance teams find workarounds and rely on spreadsheets to pick up the slack. While these manual processes “work” in the short term, they quickly cause problems and ultimately hinder expansion. Ambitious businesses need financial management software that can scale with them, so they don’t reach a breaking point that impairs growth.

In this SmartCompany webinar, we bring together a panel of business and technology experts including:

  • Award-winning IT journalist Sholto Macpherson
  • Oracle NetSuite VP and GM, ANZ Jason Toshack
  • Ethan Nyholm, Founder and CEO of STM Brands
  • SmartCompany senior business reporter David Adams

Together, the panel will discuss how to grow your business with financial management software tailored to your unique needs and how to manage the transition from manual spreadsheets.

Register today to participate in this interactive conversation on Wednesday, May 4 at 2 p.m.

Date: Wednesday May 4
Weather: 2:00 PM AEST
1 hour
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